Legor Cicli Jan 3, 2011


Legor Cicli is a new bicycle company from Italy that’s making a big push to introduce their bikes to the American market in 2011. This bike in particular is an homage to the Keirin pista. The unconventional seat tube cluster is a nod to the slice of the Japanese Catana blade. Check out more photos of this bike at the Legor Cicli website. Another beauty of note is Sorga’s bike but I refuse to post it with that handlebar!

  • los!

    very nice looking bike, but the dropouts on that fork scare the shit outta me!

  • I agree! Sketch-city!

  • Like some of the things going on here. But for the seat stays, Landshark did some staggered stays first and better imo.

  • Jay

    you know what my favorite game is? watching you put up a bike or something and then waiting for PC to post the same thing.

    keep supplying the blogs with content prolls. they need you as bad as we do.

  • Others did asymmetric stays before Slawta.

  • Sweet looking bike, but I have a profound distrust for those fork drops. That looks like a horrible accident waiting to happen.

  • Camiloo

    Come on Ben! Don’t compare the stylish italian lines with that rough work.

  • David Trimble

    That fork is for show only… A crazy idea but not likely to be on any customer bikes

    Mattia did tell me that he had Columbus stress test it though.

  • Scott Shire

    Please, Camiloo, tell me I’m just missing your sarcasm. Besides, ask Andy Hampsten if Slawta can do “the Italian thing” :)

  • Camiloo
  • ortu

    This is the 3ttt handlebar that Francesco Moser used for braking the hour record!