Jeff from Continuum on Street Carnage Jan 27, 2011


Sometimes, there are blogs that once every few years bear some great fruit. That’s how I feel about Street Carnage. It’s hit or miss most of the time but when I came across Jeff from Continuum‘s Word on the Street post today, I was tickled pink. Jeff says what most people are thinking but are too chicken shit to say. While I don’t agree with a little of what he’s saying, I do agree with a lot.

  • santiago

    this kind of journalism is a bunch of crap , it went off from being all nice and good point of views about today’s new about cyclists to talk about drugs? what is this going to say about us cyclists that we are all junkies and possibly carry illegal packages, lame.

    and the NYPD “crackdown” which is REAL ( lucky you in texas :( ) …… for me and a bunch of other dudes who work doing food deliveries in brooklyn its become HELL!! getting yelled by cops as if we are little kids hearing those sirens behind you as if we are committing a crime, and $250 fines for “Tailgating” a Car ?!!?!

  • Agreed, but Jeff is very open about his past and bikes really did save his life!

  • dunbar

    i don’t really agree with the idea that out of the ordinary “chops” are needed to ride bikes here in NYC.
    cyclists just make too big a deal out of it – just be careful and ride it’s not that hard – or cool or daring or whatever – its just fun.
    bikers need to stop taking themselves so seriously! the more the merrier i say, then everyone will learn to coexist with the new bike lanes.

    Most of the problems with them are simply because people aren’t used to them and people don’t like change.

  • otakuhouse

    The thing that’s making me grumpiest about the weather in NYC & the police crackdown is all the stupid shit people are saying as a result of it. I think Jeff just took the crown for ignorant bullshit. I personally don’t like to use all bike lanes especially because I think some of them at this time (but not all) are rendered unsafe not because of their placement or intention but our culture. This is not because bike lanes in and of themselves are unsafe, it’s a culture in NYC in which pedestrians & cars refuse to give bikes equal respect. Some of the green painted bike lanes, however, have eased some drivers off perhaps psychologically. I mean look at the DOT stats on the PPW bike lane, where all injuries, accidents, and speeding for cars is even down. Unless Jeff agrees with the NBBL that the bike lanes are a citywide conspiracy.

    The greater problem, though, is an essential lack of respect from all three groups sharing urban space. Jeff has pissed all over that notion and 90% of the cyclists in the city. I mean WTF, does he expect his customers who buy the Linus mixtes he stocks to stay in business to ride like a messenger? You know how we get a better cycling environment in NYC? By firmly holding onto the notion that cycling is for EVERYONE. Kids, families, delivery people, messengers, even politicians, and that working together we’d like an environment where cyclists do get a respected part of the urban infrastructure appreciated by all, a safe zone that everyone can respect and an understanding that bikes should be allowed to skip red lights and stop signs when safe at their own discrection. We know how we get there? Via mutual respect, outreach, and political will. Not by this crap.

    Furthermore, honesty about drug use is admirable and enlightening. Bragging about it and further perpetuating a stereotype of cyclists as selfish drugged up dicks and messengers as doing illegal business during a NYPD crackdown in which the city council is mulling over fucking bike licensing, kinda fucking stupid.

    Yeah so next time you’re thinking of giving Jeff some money, think about how Jeff would rather your girlfriend or friend who isn’t a serious cyclist develop some “chops” because I dunno, if she or he gets hit by yet another unlicensed driver, maybe they just didn’t have “chops”.

  • Onn

    You all need to realize this was on Street Carnage and not a reputable journalistic website. It’s the opinion of one man; chill out girl scout.

  • john

    you said ‘tickled pink’. i noticed in the postings in the last year you’ve gone soft.

  • John

    ….as an aside, 50-70k worth of weed. .. . in a messenger bag? Even if it were medicinal, c’mon. . . and back then? I’ve seen some big ass reload bags, none of them are packing that much pot. .. . .not that I’d know

  • Onn

    With street value anything can happen. At least it is 10 pounds, not hard to believe. Derail over, lets not nitpick on shit we can’t even fathom.