Initial Reaction: Fyxation Mesa Pedal Jan 18, 2011


The day Fyxation announced their new Mesa pedal, Nick offered to send me a pair. I was stoked when they came in the mail a week ago and they’ve been sitting patiently waiting for my Bruiser build to be complete. In the meantime, I figured it’d be nice to shoot photos of them since they’re really rad pedals.

Check out more photos below.


The surface pegs are molded with the rest of the body. They’re nice and thick, which makes them perfect for a commuter, polo or fixed freestyle. If you don’t like them, you can always chisel them off.


The Mesa is a sealed bearing pedal with a cr-mo spindle, ensuring a smooth ride once they’re broken in.


They’re wide like a BMX pedal but much thinner than most platforms.


I can’t wait to try them out! Be on the look out for these soon at your LBS.

  • lame

    great photos but did anyone else see the wheel talk crew begging for these in the blog post at fixation?

    that attitude sickens me if your going to beg for product do it in email – you look like a chump otherwise

  • Sam

    Any thoughts on how they’d grind?

  • Eric

    Are straps going to fit through those? They look too small from the pictures.

  • I’m digging the design of these, might have to pick my self up a pair. I’m still waiting to see their 35c tires.

    The 28c I have from them right now, is almost bigger than the 32c rando I have in the back.

  • Tone

    I’ve these type out of metal but these poly ones look rad.

  • Parker

    Any word on pricing? They said these would be more expensive than the gates, but I didn’t see pricing anywhere in the fyxation site…