Initial Reaction: Brooks White Leather Bar Tape Jan 10, 2011


Last week I ripped the shit out of my bar tape and started to contemplate a replacement brand. I have been using Ambrosia wrap for a few months and wanted something with more tactility. I wanted something white and perforated but with a good amount of grip. After seeing the Brooks Leather Bar Tape around, I figured I’d give it a try.

Check out the finished product below.


I was impressed at how well it pulled to the bars. Since I don’t use the cheater strip, I do a criss-cross wrap around the hoods. Turns out , there’s just enough tape in the roll to cover each side with the tapered ends meeting perfectly at the bar clamp.


The final product is quite nice but that’s not without critique. While I think it’s a nice touch for Brooks to taper the roll on each end, most people (myself included) would rather cut it ourselves.


There’s also a seam, mid-roll that you have to watch for. Don’t pull too hard or you’ll end up splitting the tape in two pieces. It wasn’t an issue for me but I thought it’d be best to point it out.


So my initial reaction is a plus. It’s grippy and well padded. It pulls well and looks great. The cork bar ends are a nice touch and finally, someone supplies some nice finishing tape with their product. The Brooks Leather Bar Tape is perfect for a city, track, road or touring bike. In fact, I’ll be putting this on my Geekhouse Woodville!

  • K

    Nice! I’m gonna need to replace my San Marco white leather tape soon and I was thinking of getting a roll of Brooks.

    You gonna shellac it? I’ve got a few layers on mine. Makes the hand grime easier to wipe off but also adds a touch of yellowing to the pure white.

  • Mitch

    whats the price on this stuff?

  • shane

    Brooks Bar Tape Rules!

    Once small gripe however, those bar ends (lovely though they are) inevitably snap off after about a week and either have to be glued back on or replaced with either actually corks or more sturdy caps.

  • As my friend Russ experienced, Brooks tape turns from classy to “zombie flesh” (his words) in a short time:

  • been using VO leather tape for a year+ without any qualms. its actually about to got on a completely different set of bars without an issue.

  • Theinfamous

    Brooks bar tape is by far the most comfortable I’ve ever used and it stands up to a lot of abuse. I’ve had the same experience with the cork bar ends as Shane has, unfortunately. Still totally worth it, and it looks great aged.

  • We have redesigned the end caps, they are much stronger now.

  • Loki

    Time was,that you could buy leather handlebar WRAP that you sewed onto the bar.  Tape is a poor substitute.

  • General Principle

    Back from the GRAVE! Any thoughts on long term durability and how dirty they get?