I Am Los Angeles: Sean Martin Jan 16, 2011

Check out Sean Martin from Take Over LA in the newest I Am Los Angeles video. Nicely done guys.

  • i zoned out on the pretty bike i had to watch it again to hear what he was saying haha

  • Guy

    cars ‘running lights, doing illegal turns’ – kinda like cyclists then. a very monotone man and one who I can provide an answer too. the group rides, which do sound amazing, happen in the evening because during the day I imagine people are at work. if by his own admission LA is a cycling city, what does it matter that others can’t see it. surely BEING it is sufficient?

  • rdrey

    from 0:36-0:43 the editor mirrored the footage to coincide with the 180° rule. our hero has a left side drive for a while, and supermarket was written backwards. i guess i notice these small things :P

    liked this video.

  • jordan

    i ride in three lane 45 mph (probably faster) roadways daily.
    you have to be “on your game” everywhere
    i dislike videos like this

  • Anyone know what bars he’s using? They seem to curve at the top like track drops (ala B123’s) but aren’t so deep in the hook. Look super comfy.

  • ben10

    This guy wishes that group rides and races take place in the day? Is that so the “crazy drivers” can work with the crazy racers running red lights and skitching? Group rides are much better at night with less traffic into the late night.

    Wish they would have done this profile on someone that rides a regular bike with brakes and is not on the drops trying to look like he mashes on his commute talking about his riding cred all over. But then again this dude is exactly what Los Angeles is, fake.