H&R Block: Trek District Spot Jan 13, 2011

H&R Block has a new ad spot featuring a Trek District city bike, as part of their “giving away” the best products for free campaign.

“Imagine if you could get the best for free. Well, that’s what H&R Block is doing. Check out our TV spot for our offer to prepare your free simple federal tax return for free.”

Hrm. At least it features a LBS and there’s no place better to spend your income tax return than a bike shop.

  • should have been a merckx pista haha

  • I am not sure what other people think about this bike. I test rode one last year and found the belt drive to be quite strange. I kept thinking it would snap every time I started riding. It flexes noticeably. I like the colors, but the bike looks too well put together. Kind of like a nu-metal band that is over-produced.

  • james

    as an employee of a shop that stocks this bike i found the commerical to be somewhat entertaining.. “lightweight frame” “top spec gears”… i would kind of hope this wasnt the best bike in the shop haha…. prob just looks hip and flashy enough to look cool in the commerical.. oh well it was just bring a few more people in looking for that “trex” bike

  • YobiYo

    That chick is hot!

  • Nathan

    “Top Spec Gears”… the bike is a single speed… no “Top Spec Gears”… just one.

    But, yeah… the chick is hot… and the bike is flashy… but no gears. ;)

  • Cool that a Belt Bike was featured as the Best Bike in the shop…

    Belt Bikes