Grime TV Vol. 01 Jan 19, 2011

Damn. Impressive. Mike, I loved the feeble to foot-plant between the barriers. Also, that hubba was huge and don’t miss Ed’s last clip. There’s really too many bangers in here to list them all. Pushing the 26″ fixed scene for sure!


  • pushing the WHOLE scene haha.

  • Oh agreed. I didn’t mean that in any form of disrespect!

  • 8pmhangover

    Man it really pisses me off watching dudes break bikes just for laughs, some poor kid would’ve loved to have any part of that bike you dipshits ran over.

  • holy shit that 180 gap next to last clip was nuts, i think i watched it 4 times.
    hope to roll by that grime shit tomorrow!

  • that bike was already broken, and there was no one in THE GRIME in that clip.
    we just featured it in the video.

  • knarg

    toxic avenger clip fuck yeah

  • J. Wilson

    While I figured the bike was broken to some extent I’ve got to agree with 8pm. Just don’t put things like that in the videos. Your audience is 13 year olds whether you like it or not. Showing that lack of respect to a bicycle (or parts that could have been saved) is pretty stinking boring. The rest of the video is you guys SHREDDING and I hate to see that brought down.

  • but its not your edit so get over it. GREAT vid.the best company out there

  • Tristan

    @ 8pm and wilson – welcome to grime st haha
    no one is making you watch the video, so shut it.
    clips like that add to the ‘grimey’ feel, amiright?
    keep pushing the limits guys!

  • fonseca?! holy shit! havent seen anything from him in a while…maybe i just havent looked though. either way its good to see that he’s still ripping!

  • DAVE

    Tristan I’ve worked in BMX for 20 some years and every jokester that puts scenes like that in their video does nothing for the sport. There is nothing grimey about that kind of behavior especially when your driving a nice car over it in your nike shoes in Cali of all places. You call that grimey? Go watch BMX videos from the early 90’s.

    Having seen how this company operates and who represents it I am not surprised. Friends of mine have placed large orders from THE GRIME and never received product. Emails were sent with no reply.

  • joe

    dave, whos hasnt gotten an order? im sure i can provide tracking for anything. sorry you have such a bad image of us “jokesters” lol. and why the hate on nikes, cars and cali?

  • Lroy

    who gives a shit?! run that damn bike over if you want.. throw it off a building if you want.. why the does it matter what santos wants to do with his old bike.. that looked fun as shit!!

  • ptCT

    [email protected] pissed about a good ol’ demolition

    Nikes, Cars, Cali; these are a few of my favorite thangs.