Go Means Go: Meet Your Maker – Dank Bags Jan 11, 2011

Ryan just posted this up to Go Means Go and I’m impressed. As an ongoing series he worked on a video profile for Dank Bags. Great work!

  • Kid Wonder

    Awesome video. I’m no courier, but I do see his bags everywhere in downtown Seattle. Shit’s legit.

  • wilis

    My first messenger bag was made by Cory in 02′ still have the last one he made me in 04′! They last, all of his products are quality!

  • Jake Ricker

    Awesome video!
    I work with Cory everyday.
    Rad dude!
    If I already didn’t have a few Freight bags I’d get a Dank.
    I’m one of the only Seattle messengers that doesn’t use one of Cory’s bags.