Geekhouse Bikes: My Woodville Progress Jan 13, 2011


Back in November I mentioned that Marty and the Geekhouse crew are designing and building me a Woodville (huh huh he said wood) touring bike for this year’s NAHBS. Today we had a little Skype conference call and all the major decisions were made. Since it’s a show bike, we want it to be extra special so we took a bunch of old amulets and melted them down to form the tubing and stole the saddle from Eddy Merckx’s hour record bike.

This thing is going to be sick! Unfortunately, that’s all the news I have for you. But stay tuned for future updates as events warrant.

  • Marty looking so sexy in his half buttoned overalls woopwoop

  • Craig

    I thought you were serious until I read the Hour record part.