Gage & Desoto: Duracci Jan 2, 2011


For me when it comes to retro track cranks, I’ll pick Campy super / nuovo record style. For retro road, Nuovo Record. For late 90’s road, it’s gotta be Dura Ace. STi over Ergopower anyday! That’s my answer to Gage & Desoto‘s question “what exactly does Shimano have?”

  • Carabo

    Ergopower FTW! lol

    Some Shimano bias there Prolly. I’ve sensed you’re preference with the modern stuff in other posts. But what’s it you like better about it?

  • I’ve had 8-speed Ergo (chorus) before and hated it! Compared to my Dura Ace 7204, I would never go back to 90’s Campy.

    I really hate modern campy and modern shimano. I’d rather run SRAM.

    Vintage Campy (friction) was great although the breaks never were meant to stop a bike, just “modulate speed”.