Fixed Gear London: LockWhip™ V2 Jan 14, 2011


Hell yeah, you can never have enough bicycle tools!

Inspired by the best tools we have used over the years, the FGLDN LockWhip™ tool consolidates these into a tool you can carry with you anywhere. Too many times have we been on the road and needed a lockring / chainwhip tool.

Version 2 of our LockWhip tool has a rust proof blackening finish to it as well as clearer graphics and a slightly baggier open end wrench (some customers found it a little too tight)

250mm x 40mm, hardened steel, Lockring tool, Chainwhip and 15mm open ended wrench.

More info here.

Made in the UK

  • Patrick

    These are nice, but I am never replacing my Shimano TL-22

  • The Pedros Trixie tool does the same but has a bottle opener, 1 allen key and some 2 or 3 other sized spanners

  • Tsar

    This is exactly what I need to spend my last paycheck on.

  • The pedros does not have a chain whip though right? I didn’t put an allen key on there because its so awkward to use and it is possible to use this as a bottle opener… the same way you would use a lighter.

    I don’t know about you, but the 15mm nut is the only size left. Everything else is allen key!

  • Well i’ve got one of them (the first version), and I must say… the lockring tool works really well, but I couldnt loose any of my cogs with the chainwhip tool. Not even the tough guys at the bike shop could. 2 factors: it’s too short to get enough leverage and the squarish surface hurt your hand as fuck.

  • Wow really?! You are the first person to have that problem.
    If you wrap a cloth around the tool handle, wear a glove or stand on the tool for a little more force, it should do the trick.

    Otherwise clamp it into a vice and turn the wheel.
    This is basic mechanics 101 here.

    Did you put grease on your threads before you fitted the sprocket?

    This has been tried and tested and we have never experienced such complications.

  • Mike
  • Morten Beta

    I have the first one, which is way to tight in the open wrench – however I am not sure how a v. 2.0 is gonna help me. I am not going to spend money on a new one. So unless they do a return/exchange program this is just insult to injury. My advice would be to test a product before putting it on the market.

  • Jeff B

    “Otherwise clamp it into a vice and turn the wheel”?!

    I thought the whole purpose of this tool was to be used on the streets? And surely a rubber cover would have been a good idea rather than wrapping a cloth around the tool or can we look forward to this in V3?

  • sumo

    You guys do know how to rotafix yeah? Easiest way to remove a tough sprocket by far.