Extra Butter: Viking Package in Stock Jan 28, 2011


In addition to the hats that I pre-sold here on the site, a lot of Mishka‘s accounts ordered some. How many? I have no idea but the New Era shops in the US all placed an order and a couple of Mishka’s retail spots grabbed a full order as well. Chances are, your local shop has a full size run en route. When the shops placed their orders, many asked “where’s the matching tee?”. I had no idea they made these shirts but since Mishka designed my logo, I told them if they ever wanted to make shirts, it was fine by me.

One of the first shops to get theirs in is Extra Butter in Long Island. They’ve got the hats and shirts in stock now. If you’re in the area, swing through. I dig their little write-up. I’m flattered guys.

I know for a fact that the NYC New Era store has the caps in stock. Same with the others. If you missed out, roll over and pick one up! Oh and there will be a second run of caps in a new colorway soon. Well, black isn’t really a color but still!

  • glitch

    so sick, extra butter is a dope shop. now ill be heading over there after work. good lookin prolly.

  • drop

    the shirts look awesome.
    i need one of these bad boys!