Eroica Cicli: Masi Vigorelli Visit Jan 5, 2011


Maybe you remember me mentioning Eroica Cicli in a blog introduction? Well, I’ve been following their work and in a recent trip to Italy, Andrea visited the Vigorelli and the workshop of Masi. Inside his shop he was given a look at one of the rarest bicycles on Earth.

Check out this beauty below!


This is not just some Masi built in California. It’s the real deal! Much like other Vigorelli Masi bicycles, it has all the craftsmanship that made the Masi brand a highly-sought after name in Italian steeds.


Until you get to the chainstays and you realize this was for a very special racer.


By now, you should recognize those colors and frame proportions. This is one of Eddy Merckx’s team FAEMA bikes. Built especially for the Cannibal, it’s one of the rarest Masi bicycles on the planet. This was too good to wait for a post in Merckx Mondays!

Andrea, keep up with the awesome work! I’m super jealous!

  • Interesting that you subtly demeaned the California Masis. My opinion: Overall the build quality of the California Masis is better than the Italian built and the prices reflect that.

  • Devotion

    “This is not just some Masi built in California. It’s the real deal!” Ouch!

  • Chris


  • onion skin much? come on guys it’s not the build and price we’re talking about here. it’s the rarity. duh?

  • Neil! You figured out the comment system! Awesome. The California Masi reference was a subtle jab at all the Ca Masi freaks out there. No harm intended.


  • K

    important to note that Alberto Masi can no longer produce frames under the name Masi. he now makes Milano 3V frames.

  • Devotion

    Alberto can very much make frames under the Masi name…but he can’t sell them in America labeled as such. They are sold here badged as either “Milano Sport” or “Alberto Masi” and are imported by Greg Honn in Connecticut. The “3V” tag is foggy too. It seems that the current owners of the Masi name here in America (Haro, essentially) have had no problem snagging that model name from Alberto…and are using it on carbon fiber Taiwanese frames which share nothing with the radical oversized tubing/internal lug design for which Alberto coined the 3V name.