Embrocation Cycling Journal Volume 6 Jan 26, 2011


“I read it for the articles”. No, really. I do. Sure the photos are great too but the reason I love Embrocation Cycling Journal so much is that they take the road that’s less traveled in journalism. Rather than showcase a framebuilder, they do a story on their painter. Instead of showcasing an ride, they share snippets of photos. I got a copy of Volume 6 in the mail the other day and decided to take some photos of it.

Check out more below.


This full-bleed journal is stocked with inspirational photos and compelling articles.


As with each copy, you’ll find the moka pot logo.


Full-bleed, high quality printing.


Of great photos!


Sure. It’s a magazine. While it may be gauche to review a magazine and call it a “journal”, Embrocation is worthy of the title. Pick a copy up here for $20. Check out more at my Flickr! I should note that this is the first time using my Canon FD to EF converter and my 30-year old macro lens. I’m pretty stoked on how they came out.

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