eBay Gem: Serotta “Coors Light” Team Track Jan 6, 2011


Unlike yesterday’s eBay Gem, this one is my size and I want it! Maybe you remember when Coors Light used to sponsor cycling? Long before Michelob Ultra and Lance’s endorsement, Coors Light used to be a huge sponsor in American bicycle races. This team Serotta track bike is from that era, as if the bright neon colors weren’t enough of a signifier!

This is the best part:

Q: Hello. Is this frame drilled for brakes? Thanks, Paul
A: this is a track frame, so there are no provisions for brakes

Ha! Check out some more photos of this beaut below!







  • kambei

    hmm. That frame is my size too. And, I’m in the market for a track bike.

    Happy Bidding.

  • Kambei

    Did you see this one:


  • Mikus

    Just sold my Bentley, so happy bidding, my size too and also my color, ne!
    So, how much will you go Prolly, I think I maybe will like to spend under 2000 bucks, but I have to get bike, you know!

  • Tim

    This bike is probably from the same era when Coors fired every employee who admitted to being homosexual