eBay Gem: Nitto Crystemblue Stem Jan 5, 2011


The Nitto Crystemblue stem is one of the most beautiful aheadset quills out there and that’s coming from a sworn Salsa fiend! These stems are pretty hard to come by and when they do pop up, the fetch a pretty penny. Right now on eBay there’s a Crystemblue stem and matching ADB X bar combo for auction. I wonder what it’ll fetch? Too bad those bars are always too narrow for me and the stem is too short or I’d bid on it.

  • there’s a guy here in Atlanta with a 3rensho panto one:


  • dontcoast

    “…most beautiful aheadset quills out…” is an oxymoron cuz aheadset is an early brand name for threadless and quill stems go in steertubes

    did you mean removeable faceplate stem?

    freaking gorgeous stem though, and Ive always wanted some of those bars!!

  • No, aheadset means removable face plate.

  • A

    no it doesn’t. look it up.