Duraath: Two Riders One Hill Jan 13, 2011

Here’s the newest video from Duraath. Pretty rad.

  • V.

    You need to be a real professional to ride a bike like that.

    Everyone who can actually steer and pedal a bicycle should make hip-videos like these.

    So they can put them on the internet to show how expensive the bicycles that they will never use to even 1% of their
    extent are.

    This video is dull. :-(

  • Patrick

    I was going to add a sarcastic comment about people making meaningless videos, but I just don’t have the spirit to.

    Also, that ‘hill’ looks like flat ground.

  • Marty

    Well, that’s 1:35 I’ll never get back. Thanks alot John.

  • really? it’s two friends riding up a small slope as the description of the video says. calm down. believe it or not, people are actually allowed to enjoy themselves on bikes regardless of cost, and if they want to document how they spent their afternoon and share it with the internet more power to them.

  • Ihsan

    Its their bike, their video.let them do whatever they want.Since when riding a bike is all about doing crazy stuff? Chill..