Donhou Bicycles: Gavin’s Commuter Jan 3, 2011


As promised, here’s Gavin’s commuter, as envisioned by Donhou Bicycles. Gavin wanted an “all-around” bike. Dual disks, throwback fork and built to take a beating. I think the end result is quite nice.

Check out some more photos below!





Very nice! See you at NAHBS!

  • Chris

    This is a bike purpose built for takin care of business. Super solid build. Love it. I don’t see fender mounts but other than that this bike is serious.

  • Aaron Bliss

    Whats your opinion on belt drive John?

    Something about them just screams danger. I chalk it up to years of failed (and painfully replaced) vacuum, turntable, timing, dryer, and fan belts.

  • Chains fail too. I’ve had multiple chains break. Just like with anything, maintain your shit and check for wear. If it looks worn, or has exceeded its lifespan, replace it.

    I rode a belt-drive Trek once and I could barely notice a difference. It’s cleaner, quieter and make sense for some applications.

  • dan

    Any ideas what the tyres are on this build they look like just what I’m after??????

  • Hey There,

    First of all, Thanks John for posting my new ride.

    I love belt drive, no oily jeans, no Maintenance, So easy to clean after an off road ride in mud. I’ve given it a hard time over the past month or so I have ridden it with no signs of stretch, wear or failure.

    I’m definitely sold on it, I really want to try it with a Rolhoff or similar hub to see how it compares to a derailleur setup.

    The tyres are Continental Cyclocross speeds, Super good

  • Matthew Sparkes

    I’ve seen this in the flesh, and struggled to keep up with it on a thrash out to the country, and it’s gorgeous. My Donhou is coming next month and I can’t wait.

  • dontcoast

    unlike fan belts these bike belts are CFRP (crabon fribé)
    supposed to be suuuuper tough.

    fans, vacuum etc belts are usually urethane rubber or for the real old school shit reinforced canvas