D’emploi: New Rucksack and MA-1 Jacket Jan 31, 2011


D’emploi is coming into the end of Winter with two solid offerings. One is a durable rucksack made from 10.10 waxed canvas and the other is a flip on the classic military MA-1 bomber jacket. Here are the details:

“The GP Rucksack in the MA-1colorway is a fully updated, water-proof tribute to functional style + safety. Not just an homage, we are set to offer an EXTREMELY LIMITED amount of MA-1 jackets, proudly made in the USA.

First introduced in the 1950s by the US Air Force, the MA-1 flyer’s jacket -a successor to the leather bomber- was all about keeping our pilots safe + warm at the highest altitudes.

Our version, made in West Virginia, brings that same level of safety to today’s biker, hiker, or anyone requiring some visibility in their style. This reversable navy jacket converts to orange for night riding, plus added reflectived’emploi details offer up extra protection. Highest quality nylon is tightly-woven and insulated to keep warmth in and wind out.

Updates to the rucksack include added back padding, more internal organizers and improved strap design. Vintage brass Talon zipper sounds as heavy as it looks.”

These will be going live on the D’emploi site tomorrow at noon for a 2-week pre-order. I have absolutely no use for the jacket but that rucksack is looking nice! Stoked to see these Kyle. Keep at it!

  • Thenden

    um, you can buy that exact jacket for $10 at any thrift store in the country, in the exact same colors. what exactly is so “flipped” about it?

  • rob

    was going to say the same thing thenden. the only people wearing those in the uk are bin men.

  • happy to see some skeptics out there…
    if you’re getting it for 10$, and it’s new, it’s NOT made in the USA.
    and if it’s at a thrift, well then it probably needs a good washing, given what our flyer’s put em through.
    no, new jackets like these aren’t as easy to “find” as you think.
    as well, there are a number of black reflective details sewn on, which you only see under flash.
    it’s all in there, trust me.