D’Emploi: Alan on the Williamsburg Bridge Jan 24, 2011


The Winter in NYC is no joke. Sure it gets colder in places like Boston and Toronto but neither of those cities have the density of Manhattan. Being surrounded by water on all sides and having massive skyscrapers creates vortex like winds and snow drifts that engulf bike lanes. I really did love riding in the cold. There’s something about it that bestows a badge of honor on your chest. D’Emploi caught Alan doing just that: riding his Pinarello in the 4-degree weather. Hats off to both of you guys!

  • passpass

    I ride everyday here. It hasn’t been sub 10 degrees yet. Even as of right now, almost 8pm it’s 21 in central park. Just sayin’, that’s not 4.

  • Kambei

    I commuted an all winter in Wisconsin a few years back. I could never keep my legs and toes warm! It was fun though.

  • Rishi

    How could you forget Ottawa!