Defgrip: History of Oakley Jan 20, 2011

Defgrip recently visited the Oakley HQ in California to check out the re-issued B-1B grip they are working on. Check out more information at Defgrip and I commend Harrison on using Pinch on this edit!

  • jb

    i’m sure you noticed that they used to sell a pair of those for 3.95$… let’s see how much will the re-issued cost.

  • *everything was cheaper back then

  • Kos

    Vintage consumables like era-correct tires, grips, saddles etc. always become scarce & expensive. NOS B-one-B grips have been selling into 3-figures for a while, which seems crazy – they’re too expensive to actually use.

    So I’m glad they’re putting the old molds to good use & re-issuing some of this great stuff. The all-black B1B is exclusive to S.E. Racing this year, but I can’t wait to get some (and the other colors) when they become widely available.

    Oaley 2,3,Cam… they were all great. I bet the sleeve on the new B1B still tears easier than a backstreet condom – But still such cool grips.