Cycling WMD: WTF Townie Jan 3, 2011


Alan, you always seem to one-up yourself, consistently! Cycling WMD’s newest project is the aptly-named WTF Townie. Don’t overlook this one. It’s sporting a 40-ounce water bottle cage and a prototype basket / rack called the RC Broham. As a child of the 80’s I got the reference right off the bat. Do you? Check your knowledge here at Cycling WMD.

  • JR. Clark

    If you mean one of the best racing games ever, then yes, I get your reference ; )

  • dontcoast

    at least there’s an aluminum brake track on ’em heds :D

  • I’m proud to say that with the assistance of the NES Advantage, I was a pretty formidable opponent.