Coconino Cycles Custom Bicycles Jan 26, 2011


It’s kinda cool, at least in my opinion, when outsiders who aren’t submersed in the 26″ fixed crowd sees a 26″ fixed freestyle bike and takes it for a single speed mountain bike. Sure, there are actually a ton of similarities between the two. Hell, the YoMang! frame is based off an older mountain bike Lance built years ago. I’ve been conversing with Jack since I posted the McLean road bike and he shared with me Coconino Cycles. While you may laugh at the comparison, there isn’t much separating them. Especially when it comes to a single speed frame.

Coconino Cycles pulls in references from the early, balloon-tire beach cruiser mountain bike days. Complete with a Chris Chance-inspired fork and NorCal top tubes, these bikes are stellar! Check out that fillet brazing. Since moving to Austin, I’ve wanted to get a mountain bike. It’s been over 6 years since I hit the trails. Seeing bikes like this make me nostalgic!

  • Ethan Laek

    What is a NorCal toptube?

    Check this Pereira.

  • That thing looks clean! Love those dropouts. Sounds like it’s time to search for a mountain bike huh?

  • Milehighness

    If you like the retro look of the Cocnino check out the Retrotec frames built by Curtis Inglis. Rad frames built by guys who ride.

  • Pat

    my bike I use for fixed freestyle is a mountain bike! The geometry isn’t perfect, but it sure is a beefy bike.

  • dpow

    Thanks for posting Coconino Prolly! Steve Garro is a heck of a nice guy, and his bikes are sweet.


    Isn’t that a 29er?

  • i have had various fixed gear mountain bikes and have always loved the way they rode. i’ve always wondered what the actual differences could be between 26″ fixed gear freestyle frames and single speed mountain bike frames (26″ or 29″), other than brake bosses.

  • agleck7

    Beware — if you get a MTB you will get hooked…and then you’ll be in trouble when you move back to NYC

  • Matt Bee

    My go to bike right now is a old MTB frame with S&M forks on 700c’s/40+ tires,BMX stem bars and seat. I like to ride single track and dirt jumps.

  • pat

    To further comment on my previous comment, my MTB is a 29″ and has a rigid fork. Besides the brake bosses I’ve only noticed a few things. I think the frame might have a bit longer of a top tube, although I haven’t ridden and newer FSFG frames to compare, and the frame also doesn’t allow my rear wheel to get as close to my seat tube as other frames would. Although with 700x47c tires I can get it about an inch from my seat tube when it’s slammed all the way.

  • Whisky

    I gotta get some Norcal top tubes. Besides your imagination, where would one procure such a thing?

  • Damn, you guys are jumping all over the “Norcal top tube” line. I’ve always heard the beach-cruiser style arched TT’s referred to as Norcal, since that’s where the MTB scene blossomed from old chopped up balloon tire beach cruisers.

    Granted, I’ve heard this at bicycle shows, so it might have been a tongue in cheek term, rather than an accepted standard.

  • Whisky

    In Northern California, we just called them ‘curved’.