Circle A Cycles: Icarus Road Bike Jan 24, 2011


Circle A has a few sneak peaks at the new Icarus roadie I’ve been hearing so much about. This bike sports a new paint offering by Circle A, a satin clear coat. This is one lovely bicycle. Damn, I need to get Ian to make me one! MAX bi-lam track bike. Hrm?

  • Craig

    Walked into open/Arc-En-Ciel while josh was building this beaut up. Absolutely stunning.

  • J.T.

    its “satin” not matte. jon made sure to correct me a few times that night.

  • Yo John- Jon’s got the bike built-up (we did full Record 11 and some other choice bits) in Austin RIGHT NOW. Go buy him a beer and he might let ya touch it…

  • already ahead of ya there…