Cinelli for DVS: Fall 2011 Sneakers Jan 28, 2011


The Foot Down shares with us the catalog shots from the forthcoming Cinelli DVS sneakers. These look awesome. I’m totally grabbing a pair when they’re out!

  • cbleslie

    Wow. Great looking pair of shoes! Let’s hope the quality is maintained when they start coming off the production line.

  • AxeYrCat

    They look beautiful, but after how quickly I destroyed the Cadence/DVS kicks (2 pairs of the Milanos and one pair of the mids — yeah, gave DVS the benefit of the doubt too many times), I won’t be jumping that train.

    Shame too, because DVS used to make some of the best-enduring shoes I’d ever had. Adding insult to injury, the fairly pleasant letter I sent to their customer service department after my experiences with the Cadence/DVS pairs received no reply whatsoever.

  • The only DVS shoes I’ve had that have deteriorated were the waxed canvas ones, which I showed in my review. The ones I’m wearing now (Milan CT Mids) have held up great!

  • Ty

    The waxed canvas ones did have a bit of a weak spot and cracked pretty easily but the quality of DVS is generally higher than most of the other skate shoe brands. The waxed canvas ones were a great idea, hopefully they can improve the manufacturing process in the future and make some more of them.


  • Russ

    You always post stuff I want but can’t have now! Always gotta put it on the wish list. Howzit Prolly from Honolulu. How’s the weather in Austin?

  • nick

    i would totally be down for these, but my cadence milans fell apart wayy to quickly. i like the look of the milan mids, but they don’t have any in my size =/

    looking good, though!