Cicli Devotion: 2011 Calendars Jan 5, 2011


Matthew from Cicli Devotion sent me a package just in time for the new year. Inside was a stack of his 2011 calendars. Done up in a throwback ‘rip and toss’ style that used to be a commonplace in bike shops, these have a ridiculously-vintage flare.

What makes them so vintage? Check it out below but I gotta say, it’s NSFW even if you can’t see anything.


How’s that for vintage? Matthew will be selling these on his site shortly. I’ve got a few, so once I pass them out to local shops, I’ll let you know if I can hand some out. If you have never heard of Cicli Devotion, check out my Shop Visit!

A Look Inside Cicli Devotion

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    These are now available for purchase ($8 shipped in USA) via my website!

  • ha ha I hate those kind of calendars but this one was really cool, and I am a girl! must get one!