Brick Lane Bikes: Vigorelli Stem Jan 27, 2011


Hrm. This looks familiar. As a matter of fact, so do these. I know the LDG parts were out months before the BLB parts but I thought these were all machined in Cali? I’m so confused.

  • yup

    why take the time and effort to make a quality product when you can just pay someone else to make a crappier version and sell it for more?

  • josh

    LDG and BLB just rebranded these stems, nothing LDG or BLB is doing is original…

  • this seems really strange to me. why make the exact same products as someone else? did LDG rebrand?

  • max

    Taiwan is a hell of a place.

  • I’ll dig up the email but I’m pretty sure LDG said in their PR that they made these in Cali and designed them in-house…

  • 8pmhangover

    Welcome to the world of OEM.

  • barnyard

    at least their track ends aren’t total knock offs…!?
    well maybe they are inspired by something else…

    it’s ridiculous! they even supply Paul Components then rip their stuff off.

  • clockwork_killa

    Dont want to knock livery but the carbon bottom brackets on their site look like rebranded tokens

  • I am working with company at Taiwan who made it. BTW a few frames by LDG look like as it was made by the same company too.