Boda Boda NYC: Frigid Fury Jan 24, 2011

Here’s Hiromi’s latest work. Makes me miss NYC real bad. The weather? Not so much. The riding? Oh yeah. Good to see some familiar faces. Ya’ll stay warm now ya hear?

  • JohnVeloBlake

    Top Tube view behind the stem is amazing. First time I’ve seen that done. I Will certainly steal that for future videos.

  • Any way to know what the track in the first part is?

  • Perhaps the angle of the camera makes it seem as if they are going faster than they are in reality, but then again, perhaps not. Regardless, as a “road cyclist with fixed gear envy” I enjoyed this video as a nice break from the blatant product placement of most videos (except of course for that crusty Mishka patch). I was very impressed by the riders’ ability to not die underneath a truck. If I’m going to talk about being impressed I’ll also go out on a limb and say I’m impressed by their ability to drink Evan Williams (Kentucky’s first distiller, and therefore Kentucky’s first bourbon, and therefore the world’s first bourbon).