Blog Introduction: Vancouver Fixed Gear Jan 24, 2011

This video, Van City Super Power is the first video from Vancouver Fixed Gear, a new blog about the Vancouver scene. While a lot of the content is the same as others, I’m looking forward for more posts specific to Vancouver!

  • Will Kennard

    Where can I get some of those nice gloves that chap is wearing?

  • Rhys h

    They were a hand me down from my old man. He got them years ago but never wore them so when I found them in his workshop I was all over them.

  • misha

    Screw the gloves, where can i get those bars?

  • Anthony

    It’s always some hipster white guy, who has to ruin a good sound by making it into Dubstep sound and put it in a bike edit.

  • PeeGeeTee

    Site taken down in less than 1 day of fixedvan harassment.

    **Warning, hilarious waste of time ahead**