Blog Introduction: Nu Cult Jan 5, 2011

Bat and Tilly are Nu Cult, a French fixed gear blog. Tilly works for Steel Magazine, a forthcoming French fixed gear publication. While Nu Cult might not be the standard issue in fixed freestyle, their edits prove to be quite fun. Keep on top of the Nu Cult here!

  • The ancient Egyptians supposedly got the majority of their nutrients from a murky and alcoholic beverage brewed from grains and water from the river Nile. You could say the average lifespan of an Egyptian worker was probably about 25 years and that the youthful have been enjoying flat beer even before the Mesopotamian language was obsolete. On the other hand… Korn and Rage Against the Machine were only cool for about as long as it took music journalists to come up with the term Nu Metal and suddenly every suburban teenager with a chromatic tuner could play their guitar with one finger across all the strings and it was no big deal… they were experts.