Black Rainbow Project: Violet Hip Pouch Jan 29, 2011


My buddy Scott from Black Rainbow Project emailed me some photos of their new Violet Hip Pouch. Unlike many hip pouches, this one packs a massive cargo capacity for its relatively small size. Wanna see what I’m talking about? Check out more photos below.


There! A pump and a ulock!


Of course I’m kidding. It holds much more than that. Like a windbreaker.


Or maybe you want to carry some brews with you?


This is what impressed me the most. The fact that it will hold two full water bottles securely. That’s a lot of weight. If these photos don’t tell enough, here’s what Black Rainbow Project has to say about it:

“The ‘violet’ hip pouch continues with my philosophy of putting just that little bit more into everything I make. It measures 6.5″ wide, 7″ tall, and 2” deep, but lays almost flat when empty. It’s perfect for carrying your spare tube, tire levers, pump, multi tool, credit cards, keys, phone, D lock, favourite teddy bears, etc. The rear mounted D lock holder fits both Mini evo’s and Fahgettaboudits, and probably most other common D locks too.

The lock sits against abrasion resistant, anti slip fabric to resist bouncing.
Under the main flap is a pvc coated, mesh pen pocket, a webbing mounted D ring for keys which can be tucked inside or left hanging outside the pouch for easy access.
The main compartment has a large flat pocket, and two narrow upright pockets inside, and is sized to fit a mini A to Z.

External elastic pump loops allow you to carry a micro/mini pump without taking up valuable space inside the pouch. What really sets the Violet pouch apart from the competition is the expanding secondary flap strap. This velcro covered strap lays flat against the main flap when not needed, but allows you to carry all manner of things which would otherwise be impossible to fit inside such a small pouch.

It’s perfect for carrying lighter items like a stowaway jacket or gloves, but can also be used to carry water bottles, cans of beer, roadkill…whatever you can fit under there without pulling your pants down. The strap and face of the flap are covered with anti slip fabric to help keep things secure, but that isn’t a guarantee that you won’t drop your faberge egg whilst doing the twist, so make sure it’s safe first.

The Violet pouch is built to last with a combination of 1000D cordura, abrasion and slip resistant waterproof fabric, 420D pack cloth, nylon webbing, metal D ring, and high strength velcro, and as with all Black Rainbow Project products is only available in good old hardwearing black.

There is currently a very limited number of pouches available for immediate purchase at a price of £50 GBP plus shipping.
If you would like one contact Scott at [email protected]

Very impressive Scott!

  • Fieldcoil

    I’ve got one of these, does all that it says on the tin. Comes in very handy and looks cool.

  • Spinners

    Looks like the BO GEAR hip pouch… Black Rainbow is a copy. Tho the bottle/jacket holder is neet.

  • BRP

    The Violet pouch is NOT a copy of the BO GEAR pouch, it is a continuation of another pouch which I designed way back in early 2OO9 for another well known bag company…A design which appeared on a LOT of cycling blogs and received a lot of press…and a design which the BO GEAR pouch, which was released months later also bears a striking resemblance to wouldn’t you say?

  • Spinners

    @BRP this is not a pissing contest. I was just pointing out it looks the same.

    Anyway, might wannta check your dates:

  • BRP

    @Spinners…There is a big difference between somebody saying a product looks the same, and somebody openly stating ‘Black Rainbow is a copy’.
    I put a great deal of effort into my products as you can see if you check out my messenger bag, so having somebody belittle that by calling you a copy means my defences tend to kick in. :]
    Regarding the dates…The Rosie pouch had already been around for months before it appeared on any blogs.
    Anyway, as you said, it’s not a pissing contest…No hard feelings!
    All the best!