Black Metal Viking Jan 18, 2011


Thomas from Germany shot me over this Viking logo that he never submitted to the Hold Fast contest and I thought it merited its own post. Pretty rad right? Check out more of his work here.

  • Yea, Thomas is the shit! Dude has mad skillz.

  • Dude, this logo is so fucking sick! Make this a shirt and Id so buy it! BIKING METAL PUNKS!

  • cass_kee

    wayyyyyy better than the “prolly swivel sword”

  • JD


  • Holy Shit! That is real good…that sword thing was no good. This on the other hand AMAZING! This is where I want to see PINP go! SHit I would even buy one of those Tees!

  • Shirts by NAHBS. Trus’ me now

    discharge print on black teez

  • prettyboy

    Have a look through his site, it’s awesome! He has so much talent.