Black Market Bikes: 40oz Forks and Molly Hatchet Bars Jan 17, 2011

Molly 3.jpg

Black Market, with its roots firmly planted in the MTB and Big Bike industry, have been pushing hard on the street fixed market. With two new products on the way and the NSF bike in production, they crew at BLKMRKT are stoked to step into the fixed freestyle industry. First up are these Molly Hatchet bars.

Check out more from BLKMRKT’s 2011 fixed line below, including more on the NSF and a new project!

Chrome 2.JPG

I would love to try these out! 22.2 clamp, tall, 3″ rise and build to take a beating, these will come in black and chrome.

40 oz White laying.jpg

Next up is their 40oz fork. Made for their NSF and other frames, this fork comes with a few nice details.

compression bolt and tube.jpg

Not only is the steerer threaded but it’s also fluted for extra strength.

Tech 9 fluted steerer 2 copy.jpg

These flutes add minimal weight and increase the lifespan on the fork.

NSF 47cm build.jpg

The NSF, or New School Fixed has been on the blog multiple times. It’s in production now and is slated to be available in Spring. Here’s the NSF in street mode.

NSF SS Road.jpg

And here it is in a single speed road mode. I wanna see it with a carbon fork! Carter from BLKMRKT also gave me the heads up on a new project called the Street Fiend. This new frame will be more compact, fit even bigger tires and is based on their Mob and Malice frames. I saw the geometry sheets and man, it looks like a beast!

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  • Got the chrome ones. they’re workin out pretty good.