Austin Cycling Association: The Nation’s First Defensive Cycling Courses Jan 13, 2011


This is such a rad idea and it’s crazy to think that Austin was the first city to enact it. Then again, there are a ton of cyclists in this city and some of the best riding I’ve ever experienced! Here are the details:

“In cooperation with the Austin Municipal Court, the Austin Cycling Association offers one of the nation’s first defensive cycling courses that allow you to have your ticket dismissed if you were referred by the court to take a defensive cycling course. You may only complete this course once every 12 months unless previously approved by the court. The City of Austin’s Defensive Cycling courses were designed and are taught by nationally-certified League Cycling Instructors with the League of American Bicyclists. With our course, you’ll not only meet the requirements to dismiss your traffic ticket, you’ll also learn vital defensive cycling tips on how to become a safer and more proficient cyclist. Classes are filling up fast and registration closes at noon the day prior to the class so don’t miss your opportunity by signing up early. This course is provided and taught under license by The Center for Cycling Education.”

Sure beats dropping a couple hundred on a red light or stop sign ticket. Go find out more at the ACA website.

  • This is good to see. Well done!

  • Edward Scoble

    Defensive seemed quite well, defensive, implying that it’s diffcuilt to ride on the road.

    Surely calling it ‘assertive cycling course’ would’ve been better?

    I wonder how different it is compare to our Bikeability (National Standard) Cycle Training course in the UK, but we defintely don’t usually choose ‘defensive’ in our title!

  • JLN

    I guess it’s like the how there is a “defensive driving course” in Australia my sister had to take when she became a cop.

  • cbleslie

    The real question is; can we make car drivers take this course to dismiss their ticket?

    Spend a day in our shoes.