Andrew Herrold Photography: Santa Barbara Cyclists Jan 8, 2011


Andrew Herrold did a series of bicycle portraits with a few Santa Barbara cyclists and their bike of choice. It’s a nice series and worth the few minutes checking them out. Head on over to his Flickr.

  • pat

    who X’s up for a photo with their bike?

  • cbleslie

    It’s nice to know that my hometown is never low on the college students that decide that they represent the people that live there. Nevermind that Santa Barbara is one of the California’s, if not the world’s, downhill MTB Meccas. Infact, having lived in SB most of my life the fixed gear “scene” in SB is only, at most, 5 years old. That’s being generous.

    This photo set might not be a fair cross section of the cycling SB cycling community. Thought that’s obviously not it’s intended purpose.

  • Adrian

    @Pat: Pun intended?

  • I appreciate the comments but my photo series was just a look at a small group of cyclists in the SB area called “SB Fixed”. They came together weekly and lived the cycling lifestyle. I in no way intended for it to be a accurate portrayal of all bicyclists in SB or Cali.