An Afternoon with the Green Mamba and Lake Travis Cyclery Jan 21, 2011


Yesterday, I left the confines of East Austin to visit Lake Travis Cyclcery. Located about 20 miles southwest of Austin, the guys at LTC have just opened a new location. After moving from a massive warehouse, they’re still settling into their new space. I have been conversing with the Green Mamba, their pick-up and delivery van, on Twitter for a while and decided it was time to check out the shop.

Check out more photos below.


Remember that old saying, “you can tell a lot about a bike shop by what’s in the work stand”?


Well this Guerc was sitting pretty!


Steve, one of their loyal customers brought in some of his bikes that were built up at the shop. Here’s two of Steve’s bikes along with an Eddy Merckx MX-L Motorola that a customer brought in for a tune up. The Merckx was getting work done to it and had a horrible saddle mounted or I would have taken more photos.


Unlike the Merckx, this CIOCC was in pristine condition.


Cobalt campy brakes.


C-Record indexed shifters.


Beautiful! Steve needed to replace the rear derailleur with a C-record and the previous owner botched the decal placement so let’s just say it’s 95% there.


This stem’s a rare bird.


And it’s resting on an even rarer bird. A cast-aluminum lugged Bridgestone with Dura Ace.


This Bob Jackson was a piece of work.


Vintage frame, post, stem and cranks with a modern Campy rear derailluer, wheels and shifters.


These are hands-down my favorite road crank from the late 90’s.


They’re adorning this Roger de Vlaeminck.


Sheesh! Vlaeminck was a Belgian road racer. Nicknamed “The Gypsy” and later, “Monsieur Paris–Roubaix” for his winnings at the Roubaix. Supposedly, this bike came from a shop in Belgium that manufactured these under his name.


Ok I lied, here’s another shot of the Motorola.


Like I said, Lake Travis Cyclery is still fitting into their new space so all I’ll show you is this storefront photo. It’s impossible to miss if you’re doing the “Dam Loop” so swing through!


Or, If you’ve got a flat and you need them to fix it, be on the look-out for their van as they circle the loop.


You can’t miss it. Just look for the mustache!

Thanks to the Lake Travis Cyclery crew for opening their doors and their beer to me. Expect a full shop check soon! Don’t forget to follow the Green Mamba on Twitter! As always, there are more photos on my Flickr.

  • The pics turned out rad. Thanks for coming over to play, and also for not posting pictures of our ugly selves.

  • Steve Dowell

    Hi John, Just wanted to let you know that the Bob Jackson isn’t mine. I’d take credit for it for sure, but it belongs to Mel.
    (just a side note…the Dura Ace Cranks are from the late 80’s not the 90’s).
    Good to meet you. See ya again. Steve