AJ Austin’s Barspin Air Jan 28, 2011


Trying to describe this photo is difficult. I attempted to with Tony Fast and the best he could do was to say “some wonky (barspin) air out of a tranny”. I rode with AJ, Leo and a few other dudes today and after shooting a god-awful amount of photos, I simply can’t put any of them against this one. We’ve got video of this as well and the only way I can describe it is that he rode up the transition and threw a bar as he boosted air off the wall.


  • Great shot John! I feel like photos do fixed freestyle more justice than video a lot of the time.

  • t-bone

    wonky doesn’t mean barspin. unless that is the definition in the wrahw dictionary.

  • aj austin

    i dedicated it to you tony, just wait for the video

  • Flatbush Gil

    “…wonky barspin air out of a tranny”? Just call it a barspin. No need for long-winded early X-Games old kook announcer commentary :)