Adam Eldridge’s Steel BB30 Low Pro Jan 21, 2011


Every framebuilding companies start off with the ambitions of a single person. In this case, it’s Ohio-based Adam Eldridge and his dream of making an aero BB30-shelled low pro track bike. Adam shared with me some initial photos of the build and some of the details are interesting.

Check out one more shot of the BB30 set up below!


“I’ve been building bikes here in columbus ohio for about a year “almost” full time.. havent quite severed the cord yet. Small business is tough. I’m chuggin’ along!
I’ve had this idea in my head for the last few months. Here it is! It’s so ridiculous..but so boss! I wanted to push myself with complex aero miters. I had heard a few horror stories about steel bb30 shells.. warped by a few MM after brazing the fillets. no fun to machine after the fact.”

Stoked to see more of this project. Thanks for sharing Adam!

  • benji

    Whoa! fuckin rad!

  • Those seatstays are slick.

  • Rui

    Hate these fuck in teaser pic, they don’t show the best part.

  • YES! these pics don’t do it justice. I’ve seen this bike at Adam’s shop and it looks so mean. Unreal. I can’t wait till it’s all painted and ready to go. Adam built me a beautiful custom road frame last fall. He listened to what i was looking for in a road frame, took precise measurements, and built me an incredible smooth, and surprisingly light bike. (thanks Adam!) I could not be more happy with the way it turned out. Also, I’m pumped you did a review on this pursuit frame, because it deserves recognition.

    I’ve made small changes to my bike since these pics were taken (stem’s been flipped). but here are some shots of mine.

  • French Roast

    can we get a link for more pictures of his other builds?

  • Rosss

    I talked to a builder about a bb30 bottom bracket and he talked me out of it because its 3 lbs or something silly heavy like that