A Thing of Beauty: Phil Wood Track Hubs Jan 27, 2011


Yes, we’ve all seen these hubs before. It’s no secret that Phil Wood makes beautiful components. We’ve looked at their 12t track cogs and their shot glasses just to name a few. While they may not be the lightest track hubs on the market, they’re made in the USA and gorgeous!

  • From the looks of that picture I would expect for the Phil Wood logo to be in focus.

  • K

    who cares about how light they are when they are sooo pretty?

  • Lookin at the RAW and it is in focus. The stamp isn’t sharp though…

  • Jason

    the phil looks in focus on my screen…

  • Jeff

    One more f stop maybe. Cool image.

  • Had to shoot wide-open. It was in very low light. One more f-stop was too much.