A Girl and Her Bike: Tina and Her All-City Dropout Jan 18, 2011


Yesterday I linked up with my homie and fellow metalhead Mark Sirek’s friend Tina to show her around town. She got into Austin this last Saturday but the weather was so bad, we didn’t actually meet up until yesterday. We rode around, going to bike shops and stopped off at Barton Springs where I decided to shoot her and her All-City Dropout.

Check out more photos below.


Tina sent her bike from Milwaukee to Fast Folks to get built up. Having only ridden it once on a recent “dry day” in MKE, she was excited to get out in the sunshine.


It’s a pretty clean build: not too flashy or matchy matchy.


Reppin’ Hold Fast!


The backdrop of the spring was so nice that I asked Tina to pose with her bike for a few shots.


I think out of the bunch, this is my favorite. Tina’s a pretty rad girl who runs a vintage clothing online store called Violetville Vintage. Be sure to check it out! Thanks for letting me shoot photos of you and your bike Tina! Enjoy Texas!

Check out more shots of Tina and Her All-City Dropout here on my Flickr.

  • Megan

    cute! great pics prolls

  • cgperez

    I have a crush on the last pic. Great shot. I think there is a bike in there somewhere. Not sure. Too distracted by scenery and subject.

  • cass_kee

    very clean!

  • thanks john! awesome day. i still can’t believe it’s possible to wear a tank top here in january!

  • Patrick

    If you like the weather there, move to San Diego. The vintage clothier in my neighborhood became a locksmith.