A Day in 10 Photos: 01.27.2011 Jan 27, 2011


Damn I feel lucky right now. Today was an awesome day. I woke up, put up some posts and then took the hills for an ass-kicking good time. Since I can’t take my DSLR with me on those rides, you’ll have to wait for my 35mm photos to come back. After my ride, I met up with Puckett to go hit this bank spot in South Austin. He was on his BMX and I was on my Bruiser. We only rode for an hour or so but man was it fun.

Check out nine more photos below!


We caught the light in that magic hour. Warm and bright.


Puckett nailed this ice on the big part of the bank. Very impressive in person. Dude was hauling ass!


Meanwhile, I was messing out trying to tap on the top and pop some airs.


These always look so funny when photographed.


Eric had to take a breather, he was riding hard and we were trying to sneak in as much action with the dwindling sunlight.


This was my ideal spot to waste the remaining hours of the day at.


Hopping onto the sub-box.


Eric popping out of a footjam. I know it’s a faux pas to shoot the backside but I liked this composition and framing.


At the end of the day, we had some awesome photos and a good little session. My legs are sore from my road ride and my shoulders are sore from shredding. I can’t get enough of this Austin weather!

There are a ton of extras on my Flickr, so checkem out!

  • Jason

    yes! I’m enjoying these fix & bmx posts. Its good to see you back on your bike.

  • Why is it a faux pas? A little bike kid cheesecake never hurt anyone.

  • Dick

    Love your helmet. Looks so good.

  • gus

    that last picture is nice, well done watson.