A Day in 10 Photos: 01.24.2011 Jan 25, 2011


I’ve always been for firm gun control. Growing up, guns were used to hunt and shoot clay pigeons. They were never to be toted around as some form of intimidation and you never pointed one at a human, even unloaded. Then I went to architecture school. A very left-wing architecture school where guns were to be destroyed. Living in NYC for the past 6 years, I can see why there’s such strict gun control laws. Hell, I don’t want people walking around with guns. They get in fights over Metrocards and stupid sports games.

Then I moved to Austin for the winter…

Check out nine more photos below.


Lauren and I went to Red’s Indoor Range with Katie and Ryan. It was “ladies’ night” and the girls wanted to fire off some big guns.


It was the first time I had been in a legit firing range. Other times, it was in the woods, or in someone’s basement.


It was also my first time shooting an AK47 and an AR15. The only other rifles I’d shot were 22’s and shotguns. Maybe a hunting rifle.


Here’s Lauren with the AR15, which felt like a toy after blasting a dozen rounds with the AK47.


I loaded the magazine.


Emptied the clip.


And this is the result from 50 yards. The AK47 was a beast. You really could “feel” it work. I was amazed at how simple it was and frightened at the same time. If it’s this easy and legal in Texas, Lord knows what idiot is carrying one around!


The girls had a great time. They shot pistols and rifles. Here’s Katie observing the color-coordination law.


Lauren was proud of her kill and I had my fill. As always, there are more photos at my Flickr!

  • I always like your political and didactical approach for miscellaneaous.

  • chris

    You know your a redneck if….Just kidding Prolly! Never a dull moment on this blog!

  • passorama

    It’s interesting that the target is still a human outline, no?

  • That little guy? I wouldn’t worry about that little guy.

  • Jonathan

    Where did you go to school?

  • best post in a while. cheee hoo

  • AJ Austin

    fuck ya, glad to see you praticipating safely in your second amendment right. Come to San Marcos and we’ll shoot some skeet or find some coyots

  • corey

    lololol @ reds indoor range!
    My hometown of pflugerville!

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  • Dan in seattle

    Great post Prolly, much appreciated. I love to see stuff like this about safe, positive, gun use. Thx!

  • Rodrigo

    cool pics,
    if you wnat less people with guns on streets the first thing you to remove a human body line in the shooting paper..