A Day in 10 Photos: 01.22.2011 Jan 23, 2011


Yesterday marked a few firsts for me. It was the first time I had ridden my fixed freestyle bike since October. After moving to Austin, I’ve been eying up so many spots and a riding with Tony Fast last week got me pumped to get on the bike again. With the new Mishka Milwaukee Bruiser all built up, AJ Austin and I went riding. AJ’s a fun dude to ride with. Super supportive and outgoing. We had a blast yesterday.

Check out nine more photos below.


As I mentioned, I’m a bit embarrassed to even post this photo. First, the air isn’t big and AJ didn’t catch the x-up clicked all the way. But for me, this is what riding is all about: having fun. It felt great to get back on the bike.


It was a beautiful day. Sunny and warm. AJ was in a great mood and he didn’t even mention weird government conspiracy theories once!


Still not clicked all the way but it’s a little higher. I gotta commend AJ on his photography skills. It’s not easy catching clicked x-ups. I kept hitting the inside of my foot on these and it was the first time that I really “felt it”. Landing with my ribs hitting my saddle on the dirt made me stoked to be pushing myself.


AJ was blasting outta this thing! I’ve got a way to go before I get these.


The whole time, this homeless gentleman named Gregory was talking to us. He offered to take our photo for $3.50 and we obliged. He even showed us his ID, stating that it was close to his birthday.


This was the photo he took of us. I had to crop about 75% of the sky out. Hah.


From there we rolled around east Austin and I hit this wallride I was wanting to blast. I love doing this kinda shit.


From there, AJ wanted to pedal grind the ledges at the Mexican-American Cultural Center.


And the light was so perfect, that I asked him to bar off the ledge. I don’t think I coulda caught it at a better moment!

With this post, I’m marking my return to thrashing around on my fixed freestyle. You guys can stop the snarky comments, saying I “quit” or am “too cool” for it. I just needed some time off to let my body heal and now I feel better than ever!

Thanks to Tony, AJ, Puckett and all the other people in the Sweathogs for keeping FGFS fun! Check out more photos on my Flickr!

  • Josh

    When are you going to make a trip down to houston to ride some street?

  • Jay

    Finally. Good to see you riding again prolls. Your making us old guys feel less old.

  • Fredrick

    That is won sharp bruiser man! I remember seeing a solid video of you in the days of New York, some solid riding in the video but you popped a tire i think. I can’t find that video for nothing now, got a link maybe?

  • Stoked to see you riding walls again.

  • Chip

    Mad props. Riding your bike is about having fun, strictly. One of the best posts I’ve seen on your blog.

  • Vas

    my favorite a day in 10 photos post so far.
    nothing like having a lil session with good people and snapping some shots.


  • rob

    you may find x-ups easier turning towards the back foot.
    i learnt them this way years back (bmx) and can get them 270 clicked in bunnyhops no problems. never tried it on a fgfs bike, but on my xc bike its (almost) as easy.

  • Emil

    I put that ramp on the ledge you get more boost. let me know if you wanna see pics of that. i have some of Leo and i.

  • Emil,

    Yeah! Email me a link! I wanna check it out.

  • Ryan

    Nice to see that Mishka Bruiser built up, it looks sick. Oh and props for the Skeletonwitch shirt. Those guys live right down the street from me lol.