A Day in 10 Photos: 01.14.2011 Jan 15, 2011


Yesterday was rad as hell. Puckett took Tony and I to Mable Davis Skatepark around noon and although it was raining on and off, the concrete was so dry that it just kinda absorbed the small amount of precipitation. Puckett was blasting 270’s over this hip and we had the park pretty much to ourselves all day.

Check out nine more photos below.


It’d been a while since I rode with Dr. Fast and it was good to see him still alive and kicking on his ESB.


Quick little nollie into the bank.


Here’s another shot of his X-Up. This one’s higher and he’s more clicked. It’s kinda crazy to see how much he’s bunched up. He’s a big guy with short arms and riding a small bike. I was impressed.


Puckett was shredding the bowl and its small transitions.


Which inevitably led to him falling after bottoming out from an air.


After that, we decided to leave and head to a drainage ditch that was covered by a highway overpass.


It was probably the only dry part in town to ride and we made due.


It was getting late, the light was dwindling and we were all starving so we left just as it started to rain more.


As we were walking out the ditch, a cargo train came. We sat and watched it pass. It seemed to stretch for miles. I took a ton of photos yesterday and you can check them all out at my Flickr. There are some gems in there, so don’t miss out!

  • matt

    prolls this is why we love your blog. your one of the few who posts everyday shit to keep us busy and then pics like this. no other fixed blogger does it like pinp. keep at it. more bmx too. your in austin now the capital of bmx in the us!

  • Jack Stewart-Castner

    do i see the new Spetsnaz?

  • nope, that’s the swarm windbreaker from a few years back.