2011 SxSW Recon: Thrasher Magazine Death Match – Dark Castle


2011 SxSW Recon: Thrasher Magazine Death Match – Dark Castle


When it comes to SxSW I don’t wanna wait in lines. I don’t give a shit about what hip hop dude is playing where or what indie rock band is gonna show up unannounced. All I wanna check out are the metal shows and if anyone’s got that on lock during this year’s showcase, it’s Thrasher Magazine’s Death Match at the Scoot Inn. Yesterday I hung out for a bit and shot photos of dudes shredding the gnar on the half-pipe and caught Dark Castle throw down a healthy dose of Southern doom.

Check out more photos from the Thrasher Magazine Death Match performance of Dark Castle below.






Rob Shaffer reigns over the drums and Stevie Floyd delivers some of the most brutal female vocals to date. It was the first time I saw them live and holy fuck, what a show. Pick up their 2009 release, Spirited Migration here and support these talented artists.

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