2011 Subrosa Malum Fixed


2011 Subrosa Malum Fixed

It’s good to see the BMX companies sticking to the fixed game. Not only is Subrosa committed to it, they’ve made some changes to the 2011 Malum fixed. Check out what they have to say about it below:

This is the 2011 Malum Fixed Frame, 100% Japanese 4130. It should retail for around 350ish and comes in 3 sizes, small-med-large, it should be like 52-56-58, Black,White,Purple, and Chrome. we made the top tube about a inch and a half longer than 2010, changed a few angles and we used longer drop outs, fish mouthed the seat stays to the seat tube, it will run 40c’s no sweat, integrated seat post clamp.

Sounds like a step in the right direction. Everyone I know that has one loves it. Be on the look out for these in 2011.