Volume Bikes: Mike Mastroni Dec 30, 2010

What? The? Hell? Two Volume posts back to back? Yeah. Yesterday Adam22 was talking shit to me, saying that this Mastroni edit “is something even a fixie nazi like John Prolly could enjoy”. Well I’m not nearly as much of a nazi about fixed gears as Adam is about BMX and yes, I did enjoy this! I always embrace creativity on a bike and Mike does just that. He takes normal, everyday spots and puts in work!

  • JoeD

    love this and tate roskelley’s newest edit he put out. so creative

  • aj austin

    adam is the biggest style nazi and bmx history nazi there is. watch any interview he gives…

  • antonyo

    HOLLLLY SHITTT… the fucking banger.

  • #mastroni kills it, plus hes a super nice dude