Unknown Bike Company: Rick Anderson Bar Dec 15, 2010

Photo by Kevin “Shakes” O’Meara

Unknown has swooped up a grip of local and international riders over the past few months, all in preparation for their product line launch. Sean Brian uploaded some photos that Kevin took of Rick to his Flickr so make sure you check the rest out!

  • cory

    this guy is so good, bmx background? i got a bunch of respect for him either way

  • That Bruiser looks great in this Unknown Ad. Ha!

  • Rick Anderson

    no bmx background unfortunately. but thanks dude! (p.s. john, the photo was by Kevin “shakes” O’Meara)

  • Rachel Mcadams

    is this dude sponsored for riding a bike or texting? Because he’s really good at texting, I heard he was gonna get sponsored by michael chacon.

  • sam

    Nope. No bmx background.

  • t-bone

    Sweet bruiser ad!

  • Tyler Preston

    Rick tears it up here in chicago.

  • vin-E

    oh Rick…. you’re sooo hot.