The American Picker Dream: Mike Wolfe on his Love of the Bicycle Dec 1, 2010


If you’re like me, shows like the History Channel’s American Pickers quickly become obsessions. It’s not so much that I hoard rare pieces of Americana as much as I admire people like Mike Wolfe for pursuing his dream job. Hell, if you could make a living doing what you love wouldn’t you? Collector’s Weekly has an article up on Mike’s other passion, the bicycle. Check it out here.

  • kasper

    thanks for this I love American Pickers

  • Nitram

    Cool article, but from watching the first season this dude seems like a huge asshole IRL.

  • danny

    Before I started reading this, I thought the guy was a douche.

    Then, as I continued reading, I thought he was less of a douche.

    Then I read that his current bike is a Kestral 500 SCi, and I had to return to my previous opinion, that he is in fact, a huge douche.

  • Andyg

    I love that show. Pawn stars is great also. It gets to you quick.