Sopron Fixie: Fix at Home Dec 13, 2010

Part of me cringes when I see cable stops and guides angle-grinded off a frame. Then the other part of me thinks at least the frame is going to be rode a lot more. This video is a great guide for anyone who wants to hack the life out of a road frame and turn it into a conversion. Check out Sopron Fixie for the second installment anyday now.

Personally, I’d keep it as is and just make it fixed but that’s the purest in me.

  • curt

    awesome bike!

    but they probably have permanent brain damage as a result. that first paint room didn’t look to have any ventilation at all. i hope i’m wrong.

    USE IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA – that doesn’t include just opening the window.

  • eben

    Why wreck a decent road frame to make a crappy fixed gear, when the internet has made cheap shitty track frames just a click away?

  • mmmm, get that neon paint right in the bottom bracket…

  • alx

    it is not a wasted bike, it hasn’t been “wrecked”. it’s custom, it’s cool. the paint looks pretty good considering that they’re using spray cans. a bit of paint in the bottom bracket shell won’t hurt anything.

  • rfqllv

    my flourescent spray paint was jammed then i bought one more can and its jammed again. those guys were sooo lucky